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Fay all alone?

A question you often ask me.

Without going around too much, absolutely not wanting to pass for the champion of anything or anyone, yes, I take care of everything by myself.

And yes I wish I could delegate half of the things I do during the working day and I know that one day not too far away that time will come.

Not now……

For now it’s all these things together and even more and if it weren’t for the fact that I love what I do with all my heart, I would constantly repeat to myself: How did you come up with it?

But now tell me .. given the choice, which part of your work would you willingly delegate?

I’ll start: the ADMINISTRATION of invoices and documents, I’m a creative, accounts and poetry ABSOLUTELY DO NOT AGREE!!

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Ciao mi chiamo FRANCESCA  e sono l’ideatrice designer e creativa dietro a LITTLEGREGGHY ,un piccolo brand artigianale di abbigliamento per bambini 0 -10 anni. Ogni

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